Applying Conditions

No. We want smart motivated people, eager to know more, and that believe working in teams and sharing knowledge is the way to success. We give much more weight to your personal characteristics, rather than your age or university degree. This information is asked in the registration form just for statistical purposes.

Yes! There is no requirement whatsoever to have an idea to join our programme. You will participate in the analysis of your colleagues' ideas and problems, as well as in the development of the products/services that may come up during the programme.

No. This is a team-based journey, if you do not desire to work in a team, our programme is not the best fit.

No, you can come with friends but all have to apply individually.

As long as you are conscious that you may not work on your idea throughout the programme, there is no problem. Even if you already have a business working, the concepts and processes taught are very valuable even at a later stage in a startup.

Application Process

By now, we only have a Paypal payment option.

To enrol in our programme you simply have to click here. Check the application detailed process here.

Besides the lower price, we are limited to 18 participants and we are analysing applications (registration form submissions) right as they arrive in our inbox. The earlier you apply, the higher the chance of getting a seat in our programme.

Don't be late and be yourself! Know by heart your music taste, favourite movies, if you prefer running or hitting the gym, which is your preferred writer and your biggest dreams!

In the interview, there are several points that are going to be analysed, but it will be mostly centred around motivation to enter the programme, willingness to work in group and openness to work in other people's ideas and projects.


Don't take our decision personally. We will be analysing dozens of applications for 18 spots, so we have to accept the people who we think will better capitalise their investment on our programme. What does this mean? We will choose the people who show most drive and motivation, show openness to step out of their comfort zone and take chances, people who want to meet new people and work with others.

You will be enrolled for the entire programme, that includes Saturday's meetings and during-the-week mentor sessions and Q&A. It is imperative that you do not miss Saturday's sessions, since if you do, it will break your team's rhythm in the development of your idea. Furthermore, if you miss any schedule sessions, you will no get a refund.

To cancel the enrolment, you will have give us the indication until April 15th, independently of when you submitted your application. This clear intention of withdrawal from the programme must be made through email, to [email protected] After that date, you may cancel your application but will not receive a refund.

Programme Agenda & Characteristics

The moments on Saturday, that usually will run from 2pm to 7 pm, include the moments were the participants get together and participate in our mentor(s) masterclass on a specific theme, work on some group exercises and develop, as a team, their startup idea.

During the week, we will share some videos and articles wraping-up the previous session or introducing the following, as well as Q&A and Mentor sessions. In these last ones, we give room for any participant to meet and talk with some of our mentors in a more personal and relaxed way.

We will speak primarily in English. The only situation in which we may speak Portuguese is if we do not have any non-Portuguese speaker in the room.

Our mentors.

Upframe will not certificate any of the participants for the participation on the programme. We, however, will make a digital certificate available to you, if you attend to more than 90% of the activities (Welcome Day + Saturday Sessions).

Programme Features

Any material that we cannot provide will be asked in advance to be brought (probably it will only be your computer in some occasions).

Yes, we will have great coffee breaks backed by our fantastic sponsors.

Some members will come to the programme with some ideas to work on. We will dissect them and understand if their solution has the most potential. At the same time, we will have a lot of activities for you to meet all of your colleagues. After that, we will form teams with 3 members, according to the participants' preferences. You choose the criteria to pick person X or Y, but we advise to take in consideration which idea she/he has and how well they work in team.

No, startup capital investments doesn't occur at this stage, so we don't integrate this aspect at our programme.