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Malik Piara CEO @ Upframe

At Upframe we believe anyone can make a difference. The first step to great deeds is daring and attempting to do them. We will help you along the way.

I'm the CEO of Upframe and we'll probably talk if you fill out the form. You can also reach me at [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Unfortunately, we are not accepting applications anymore. But please, stay in touch!

Terms and Conditions

Upframe is a pre-acceleration programme for young university students or recent graduates.

I - Definitions

  1. ‘Upframe’ is the entity providing the service, this being ‘Upframe Pre-Acceleration Programme’. The ‘Participant’ is the person who applies for ‘Upframe Pre-Acceleration Programme’ and freely agrees with the disposals of this Terms & Conditions document.
  2. ‘Upframe Pre-Acceleration Programme’, rolling from April 19th (5.30pm) to May 27th (9pm) is constituted by:
    1. ‘Welcome Day’ Session, on April 19th, from 5.30pm to 9pm;
    2. Six ‘Saturday Sessions’, occurring in April 22th, April 29th, May 6th, May 13th and May 27th. All these sessions are scheduled to happen from 2pm to 7pm, except May 27th (9am to 8pm).

II - Upframe Obligations

To contribute to the project development and, therefore, facilitate its execution and potential success with clients, Upframe commits itself to provide to the Participant, during his/her participation period on the programme (April 19th 2017 to May 27th 2017), the following services:

  1. Training, coaching and mentoring sessions with experienced executives;
  2. Office hours to monitor the project with the program organisation team, specialists and services’ providers;
  3. Workspace availability with the necessary tools and internet access during the programme Saturday sessions
  4. Networking opportunities with mentors
  5. Access to Upframe network of contacts
  6. Organisation and promotion of the Presentation Day, where the participants will have the opportunity to present his/her project and meet potential clients and partners.

III - Participant Obligations

The Participant commits to:

  1. Participate in all activities proposed by Upframe within the pre-acceleration programme, according to the available online calendar of each session;
  2. Produce, within the deadlines set, the deliverables required by mentors or the Upframe team, as well as perform the necessary tasks to reach the weekly and final goals of the programme;
  3. Participate in group projects and support other participants of Upframe pre-acceleration programme;
  4. Provide feedback at the end of each session and, at least, once again after the programme;
  5. Allow Upframe to disclose his/her name and picture on promotional materials of Upframe programme and other Upframe initiatives;

IV - Application Process

  1. Upframe has total freedom to accept or deny the entrance of any applicant, with no requirement to provide explanation to the applicant;
  2. The applicant enrollment to Upframe programme does not guarantee the participation in the programme, since he/she still has to go under an interview;
  3. Upframe commits to accept or refuse the application from any participant based on the following criteria:
    1. Motivation to enter the programme
    2. Willingness to work in group
    3. Willingness to work in other people’s ideas and projects
  4. To successfully complete the application, the participant has to fill in two forms: the one on Upframe website and the Typeform Upframe has sent through email. An application is considered finished after the last Typeform submission is successfully registered in Upframe database;
  5. The application window will be open between March 20th and April 7th 11.59pm;
  6. Applications received after April 7th 11.59pm will not be considered for this programme nor for future versions;

V - Price

  1. Upframe Pre-Acceleration programme has two payment options: 90€ for early registrations, and €150 for regular applications;
  2. To benefit from the early bird price, 90€, the participant must apply between March 20th and April 1st 11.59pm;
  3. If the application is completed between April 2nd and April 7th 11.59pm, the participant, if accepted, must support the total cost of 150€;

VI - Payment

  1. After the participant’s acceptance email is sent by Upframe, the participant has 7 days (168 hours) to complete the payment;
  2. The payment is considered complete when Upframe receives a notification of reception of the money transfer. This notification must be an email, from the applicant to Upframe, with a visual and clear receipt confirmation of the payment to us. It has to contain Upframe identification, the participant identification, the value in Euros, the date and hour and the method of money transfer. When this notification is not needed, the Upframe team will inform the participant of that;

VII - Cancellations & Refunds

  1. To cancel your application, the participant has to communicate his/her clear intention of withdrawing from the programme, through email to [email protected], at any point in time;
  2. If the participant chooses to cancel the application, he/she may apply again, under the regular registration window and the prices will be applicable as well. There will be no discrimination, nor positive or negative, towards a participant who has once withdrawn from the programme and desires to apply again. The same process is applicable in every case;
  3. To receive a refund for the total amount paid, the participant has to communicate his/her clear intention of withdrawing from the programme, through email to [email protected], until April 15th 11.59pm;
  4. If Upframe receives the clear intention of withdrawing from the programme after April 15th 11.59pm, Upframme will not refund the participant;
  5. The clear intention of withdrawing from the programme is considered received when it reaches Upframe’a email inbox;

VIII - Audiovisual Production & Copyrights

  1. Upframe will record, in audio and video, every programme session. We are free to use quotes, videos, audio recording and photos of any participant or mentor and share on our website, newsletter, promotional email or social media channel;
  2. Every quote, video, audio recording or photo captured during any of our Saturday sessions, Welcome day, Q&A with mentors and mentor sessions is Upframe’s property and Upframe free to use it;
  3. Upframe, however, commits not to share any quote, video, audio recording or photo of any participant or mentor for any purpose other than promoting or sharing information about Upframe pre-acceleration programme;
  4. Any written, video or audio material produced by participants with the purpose of promoting our programme is owned by Upframe but, at the participant’s request, this obligation may be withdrawn by Upframe’s choice;
  5. Any written, video or audio material produced by participants during their work on our programme, directly related with his/her project, is not owned by Upframe, but rather the participant or the team.

IX - Equity, Intellectual Property and Non-Disclosure

  1. Upframe will not take any equity or be an intellectual property owner of any kind, from any project, no matter if the concept for the programme is created before or during the programme;
  2. Upframe will not sign a NDA, Non-disclosure agreement, with any intervenient of the programme. However, the Upframe team members, advisors and mentors commit not to discuss any details of your project outside the programme to any person who is not connected with the programme